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I am 61 but look younger,I am an American, I married a 22 yr old Canadian girl..we first met online, but I seen her in person several times and stay with her in Canada off and on for several months..she came to the US legally about 3 months ago and we were married  here on the 21th of November 2006..what do we do from this point on, and are we going to have problems because of our age..I am not a rich man so it was NOT for money or just to be in America,,she had lived on the border and has been to the USA many times..any help you can give would be great..

Age is only 1 factor you can overcome - you must have alot of evidence and answer the questions at the interview consistantly. You need to file an I-130 packet for her and she needs to file an adjustment packet at the same time.



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