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I have recieved a letter from "The Department of Homeland Security" informing me that my conditional residence was terminated, Because I failed to submit a form to change the status of my residence. It was terminated because I forgot that my card expired in September of 2005, I thought it was 2006. Now I have to appear before a judge to decide if I get deported or not. I am scared and my wife is beside herself with fear. I dont want to be deported because of a silly mistake on my behalf. I have a family here now and I dont want to leave. Nobody at the CIS office will give me any information or give me a hint of if I am going to be separated from my family or not. I just need something to tell me or my wife that this is just a stupid mistake on my part and all will be fine in the end. I am not a criminal and all I got here, in the USA, was a seat belt violation. Please can you just tell us if our worst fears might be realized or are we just being paranoid?
         Sincerely Mark.  


If you received a Notice to Appear, you need to consult a qualified immigration attorney immediately!  If you received a Notice to Appear you WILL be deported if you do not act effectively.  It probably is just a matter of filing an I-751 to remove the conditions on your green card and an AR-11 to change your address.  However, there are potential problems.  You need an attorney to assist you.

You probably cannot represent yourself effectively.

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