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I used to be a resident allien in the US, came back to the Philippines 1996.  I surrendered my green card beacuase i was studying here.  since then i was not able to come back.  I heard about unlimited immigration. Can my sister who is a US citizen can petition me under that category?

A friend's mother applied his son for immigrant petition this year. I believe it will take him years before he gets his priority number. But he wants to take his MLE and apply to become a doctor in the US even before the release of his priority number or the petition approved. Can he still do that or should he just wait for the petition approval?

As far as you - your sister can apply for you but it wioll take 20-30 years to process. As far as your friend, he can try to get a tourist visa to come and take the exam, but they may not give it to him since he has a petition pending for his immigrant visa.



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