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Before I ask my quesion, let me say, I realize illegal immigrants residing in the US is a crime. But they are human beings and here is my question. I live in  a small town in Ohio where the County Sheriff is attempting to rid the city of its hundreds of thousands of illegals. I have worked with some and live next to some. I don't know who is legal and who is not, nor do I care. I have never had any problems with them. But news has spread the police are now entering their houses and making numerous arrests for the sole fact that they are illegal. They are afraid to leave their houses, walk down the street, go to the store for they fear the police can look at them, think they are illegal and arrest them. Do they have any rights? Especially if they are illegal, what can they do?

Obviously you have not yet become a victim of the illegal alien problem.  Until you understand the scale of the problem and the devastation caused to US Citizens, I fear you will remain complacent.

For example.  As you well know, illegal aliens employed in the United States are NOT legally allowed to.  So how do they go about this?  They obtain documents, like social security cards, driver's licenses, and immigration documents...all through fraud.  Now suppose (and this does happen every day) you get a visit from IRS.  The IRS agent wants to know about your "unclaimed income".  Baffled, you wonder what he means, after all you did claim $36,000 (example) from your W-2 statement and you did file your 1040 form before April 15.  The IRS agent then informs you that you failed to claim $28,000 for the past three years.  You now owe back taxes, interest and penalties, all due by July 1.  you feel there is a mistake, the IRS agent shows you YOUR social security number had earned $28,000 the past three years.  Now you must pay.

First thing you do is get a lawyer...who wants a $5,000 retainer to take a look at your case.  He advises you IRS is serious about paying by July 1 or they will seize property to auction for your debt.  Needless to say you are dispondent, unable to perform your regular job so you miss work.  IRS sends you a bill for the amount owed - $32,000.  Your lawyer has a contact with ICE who does him a favor and checks your social security number.

The check comes back with multiple hits on the names using YOUR social security card...4 to be exact, you and three other people...Jose Medrano, Sylvia Escobeda, and Artemio Hernandez...two live in California, 1 in South Carolina.  Further check indicates two own homes (they used your Social security number to get the mortgage).  The other has numerous credit card accounts...with default remarks next to the accounts.  Can you guess what happened to YOUR credit?   

The point is, I deal with US Citizens on a daily basis who have been financially destroyed by illegal aliens.  In addition to the other fraud they commit.

I applaud the Sheriff for doing exactly what needs to be done.

My suggestion to you is become educated about the effects of illegal immigration on the society as a whole.

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