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Hi . My situation is this. My husband is from india. He came here in january under a k1 fiance visa . In march we legally married and after that he left me to take a job illegally with his fellow punjabi friend who owns alot of business here and gas stations ect. Now his friend started a process to get him a new visa under employemnt because my husbands family offered him money to start up a business here in usa. Now my husband emails me and tells me he is back in india and coming back to usa under a new visa and that he has a lawyer there to help him obtain an hb1 visa and he will be coming back to usa soon. Will they let him back in knowing that he came here married me  and then leaves and next month is coming back on totally diff visa and apply for divorce?. Also he tells me he will come here to visit me at my home with his new wife and show me all the money he makes with his new business in usa. Who can i contact in regard to this because to me he is liable for visa fraud.  

You can write a letter to the U.S. Embassy in India, where he will be interviewing. India is a very difficult post as it is, so he will not find it easy to get the H-1 visa. Does he have college degree? What type of business is it?



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