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Hi David, I hope you can help. Here's my question, my fiancee Is American and I am Canadian. We want to get married and reside here in Canada. If she came here as a visitor and got married to me, would she have to leave and are there any financial shortcuts. Thanks for your time, hope you can help.

Hello TW,
Your question centers on Candian Immigration Law and Regulations, regretably, I unable to answer your question which relates to the laws of another country.  This being said, I assume Canadian law is similar relating to "non-immgrants", which as a visitor your fiancee would fall under.  It is probable she would need to leave Canada and obtain the appropriate visa from the Canadian consulate in the United States.  It is a rather difficult and lengthy process to change from non-immigrant to immigrant status once she is in Canada.  My recommendation would be to inquire if Canada has a "Fiance Visa", (the US does) and follow the Canadian requirements.

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