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Hi, we're doing research for a school project and our topic is the effects immigration would/could have on work. Our question is Who will do the work the immigrants are doing if they are all deported? What would happen if it actually happened? What we had in mind is like feild work, how immigrants except "cheap labor", and any kind of work that U.S.-born wouldn't consider doing. If you can provide any information, statistics or anything related to this it will be much appreciated.

I find this insulting!  I have nothing against immigrants from any country.  But the idea that we cannot do the work that they do is insulting.  When I was young, I did the work that these immigrants do.  My friends did the work.  It taught us to be tough and strong.  It also taught me that going to school was important.

Maybe you are too weak and soft to do hard work, and maybe everyone you know is too weak and soft to do hard work, but noth everyone is so weak and soft.

If you want statistics go to the library.

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