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In April 2001 I married an illegal immigrant, however by August of 2001 our relationship ended when I moved out. I wanted to get our marriage anulled but was told by the clerk of the courts that I had to file for divorce. Up until this point I could not afford to pay for the cost of filing for a divorce.
As of this moment I do not have a phone number or address to locate my "husband" and was told an additional cost of $300 would be required to locate him. Is there a way through INS or another service to locate him that is not so costly? Also, are there any laws in place that might legally void this marriage without the divorce process?

Thank you for any help you might be able to provide.

If you do not know where he is you must do a divorce by publication. the additional cost of $300 for the diligent search seems quite reasonable - I know others that charge significantly more for this type of divorce. INS will only have the last address he gave them. There are no short cuts to the process.



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