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Mr. Robert Hollander:

I recently got married with a U.S. citizen.  We have already filed all the forms (I-130, I-485, I-765, G-325A, etc.)  The question that I have is when we are call for an interview, what kind of proof will they need?  I'm asking this because I'm living with her at her apartment now, but the apartment is under her name, my name is not on the contract, will USCIS wants somekind of proof that we are actually live together?  Is there anyways I can prove to them that we are living together?

Also, any ideas what questions will they ask during the interview?  Is there any way to prepare for it?  


Daniel T

You need to have joint documents i.e. joint bank account/phone cable utility bills in both names or different bills in separate names at the same address. File taxes together/photos/life, health and auto insurance together/ joint credit cards. The lease should be made joint in possible. if you do nmot have all the above try to get as much as possible. For the interview, you need yto know everything about each other.



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