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Hello David,

i got married with an US Citizen,and  got my work autorization,but
we coudn t pass the first interview ,reason was we didn t have too
many joint paper work Altough we had joint bank account and car
insurance but difrent state(pa)we applied and live in NJ.Then they
send me a letter saying that i need to send my tax returns last 3
years,which i sent it  and last year(2005) was joint return with my
 then i went for finger-print again but this time ,they took my 10
finger prints.What is the process now?when they call us for 2nd
interview ,will they just check the paper or seperatly interview both
of us?
thank you for your time and help in advance

10 finger print cards are standard to do a criminal history check and to place your information into a national data base.  The validity of your marriage will be checked.  Marriage fraud is a problem, but the penalties are severe when found.  Prison (10 years), fine, then deportation.  The citizen spouse will be sent to prison and fined as well.

If your marriage is valid, you should have no problem with the interview.  Make sure you review your paperwork.  Get joint accounts that can be verified.

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