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Dear Sir,
I am a Canadian married to an American, we have been through the immigration process for the past 2 yrs. We are now at the Final Interview stage. We got married in FL. but now (due to my husbands work) are living in Bosnia. We want out Final Interview re-scheduled here so we don't have to travle back to the US. Our immigration Lawyer says to file an I-130 petiton. I am confussed by this. Will this give us the proper go-ahead to conduct the Final interview here in Bosnia and not in Florida?

I am seeking your adivce, because the Head Consular Officer at the US Embassy here in Sarajevo, Bosnia said our Immigration Lawyer who is in Miami has given us the run around......when I asked my lawyer he said to just file this I-130 and good luck!

please help us!  

The adjustment of Status that you filed can not be adjudicated by the Embassy. I know you already filed an I-130 with the I-485 Adjustment you filed. But it may be easier/quicker to file a new I-130 with the Service Center than to chase the local office to transfer the file to the Service Center to approve and send on to the National Visa Center to prepare the file to go to the Embassy. If the Embassy will not take in the I-130 then you have to mail it to the Immigration Service Center in Dallas.

Your lawyer in Florida is basically right. The paperwork in Florida has nothing to do with processing in Bosnia, unless they have already approved the I-130. IN that case you would file form I-824 to get the approval sent to he Embassy.



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