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Hello MR. Mills,
I had a person ask me today about what her options are for becoming legal in the US.  I don't have all the information but here's what I know for now.  She is currently working paying taxes and has been in the US for 3 years I think.  She has two children and is married.  Her children were not born here and her husband is in the same situation.  They are very nice people who work hard for what they have.  The problem is her visa or whatever she had is no longer valid.  She is afraid that if she leaves she will not be able to come back.  The country she is from is Peru.  Are there any options for her?  
Thank you,

Not enouch information to even begin to analyze options.  However, if her I-94 expired more than 180 days ago and she leaves the US, she will not be permitted to reenter for 3 years.  If her I-94 expired more than 365 days ago and she leaves the US, she will not be permitted to reenter for 10 years.  

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