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I am a US citizen, my fiance lives in India and we are marrying in India on April 11th this year.  I was looking through the forms I will need to submit after I return to the US, and I noticed it asks for tax forms for the last 3 years.  Here is my concern:

I was in a car accident in 2001, and I did not work for the first 22 months due to injuries (but I received some unemployment).  When I returned to work in October 2003, I was only able to work part time because of the injuries.  I have now been working full time since March 2005.  Since I have to submit those tax forms, how will this effect my applying for his immigration? Thanks.

If you did not report taxes or did not report sufficient income, you will need a frind or relative to also fill out an I-864. They must submit their job letter, 3 years taxes and proof of being a citizen or green card holder. They must make enoughtfor their household plus your fiance. The amount is 125% of the poverty guideline for 2006,



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