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Thanks for ur quick answer.
What if he cannot get the case dismissed? Should I try to return to the US to fix this?  Is the prosecutor allowed to revoke the warrant in order for me to return to the US so I can go to court?

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I got a DUI in South Bend, IN.  I went to court on the date that it was established and my lawyer told me that the best thing to do was to postponed my case for a later date so he can do some research.  I came my back to my home country and I was not able to return to the US.  This was 2 years ago.  Now there is a bench warrant issued because I failed to appear at court.  I want to return to the US but I am afraid that at inmigration they will arrest me.  Is this possible? Am I on some list that all the inmigration offices have?

Answer -
It is risky for you to come back as you may get arrested. see if your lawyer can get the crinibak case disposed of without your appearance - if so, you can return once you get that cleared up.



I do not know criminal law -m this is where you should ask your attorney to see if he can get a letter ot some form of permission for you to return to defend the criminal case. If he can you can show this to the Immigration officer at the airport if you are questioned. Otherwise there is a risk you will be detained at the airport.



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