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I have completed all process for my spouse.  I am an american Citizen, he is Mexican.  He was in the state illegally crossed  in 7/02 and we met here and married in 6/03 shortly afterwards I started process. I was told he had to leave the US and he left. He has been in Mx for 2 yrs.
We have an interview set for next month NOV.05.  all has been approved, Will I need to prepare in case they deny him due to his illegal overstay.  He crossed the border illegally. Should I prepare for a denial? Will I need awaiver prepared? I make about 100k yrly. I processed all paperwork alone. I have 401k set up joint account property jointly in mexico etc. Now I just fear the illegal entry.  What is the interview process in CD Juarez? Please advise.

The bad news is that he has a mandatory 10 year bar to reentering the US due to illegal presence exceeding 1 year.  He needs a waiver.  This will take awhile (last I checked, about 1 year) in Mexico.

The good news is that probably the best place in the world to seek a waiver is Mexico.  This is not something that you should do alone.  Retain an attorney.

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