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My boyfriend and I met online in 4 months ago and I will be visiting him in China in a month for about 10 days.  Since I am an US citizen, after I return to US, I want to file a K-1 visa for him then get marry in US.  Will INS think that we have not meet enough time to apply K-1 visa?  How long should I wait before I apply for him?  Do our e-mail records, photos together (with both of our parents in them), my proof of visiting China, and cellular phone bills record enough to prove that we are serious in our relationship?  How long do I have to wait before my fiance can come to US?  Thank you!

You have got to be kidding...on line romance and you want to petition for him?  If you presented your petition to me I would deny it.  Countless US women are victimized annually on this very scenario.  You meet him over the internet, promise of marriage, you petition for him, he comes over then he's gone to his true love that is already in the US.  Women are used, hearts are broken every single day with this type of fraud.  Therefore, I will not in good conscience give you any advise on how to bring him over.  Perhaps spending periodic visits with him in a nuetral country, get to know him, have him come over to the US to visit...

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