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I am an US citizen currently living in Quito, Ecuador with my fiancee. We have been dating for 1 year and she was going to be deported last year for marriage fraud, she left on her own free will. We would like to be married and are looking into doing all the paperwork necessary. Can you give me in suggestions on paperwork, waivers(since she is not allowed to return for 10 years) or anything else, all is appreciated!!!

If Immigration feels she committed marraige fraud the law says she can never get a green card. If there was not a formal finding of fraud, she may try applying though you. If she was not deported, why can tshe come back for 10 years? Did she stay illegally for more than a year before leaving on her own?

If there is no finding of fraud, the easiest way would be for you to get married there and file the I-130. You then eitehr wait for the immigrant visa appt. or file for a K-3 visa.



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