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Immigration Issues/K-1 visa and imidiate return to country of origine


Hello Robert.
I have a fiancÚ in Argentina. I'm US citizen. I want to bring her to US. If I file for K-1 visa for her she can not take her baby from previous marriage with her right a way. Can she, after we get married here in US do not file for green card right a way but go back for another 6-8 months to do paper work for baby? We do not want to do it (paper work for baby) before she gets US visa.

Thank you so much for advice,

The better option would be for you to go to Argentina and marry her there and then come back and file for her and the baby. When you got back, you could either apply for a K-3 visa for your wife and a K-4 for the baby and they would be in here in 4-6 months or you could just file for their immigrant visas when you got back and they would be here in 9-12 months.



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