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Hi thanks for your response. I was just wondering what attorney would have done diffrent. Was maybe hoping you could tell me how the prosses would have been diffrent. Thanks

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Hi I am in the military and was first wondering if that could speed up my wife's visa. Second they recived it on april 1st and it was supposed to take 60 to 90 days ro prosses her in the states well now there are saying they are only still on the febuary applicants yet and not even at aprils. Im wondering if there is some legal things that binda them to keeping to the time line that is stated on the form or if there is someway i can get my application to jump the line for my wife. Also i was wondering is she still allowed to come over on the visa wavier program for like 2 weeks to visit and than go back and wait in england on the k-3. U see casuse im coming off my deployment and we want to see eachother when i get back and this k-3 was not supposed to take this long even though it was reinstated to unite familes faster while they wait on there imigrant visa. At this rate it will be the same as the imigrant visa. Im just lloking for some advice and maybe some help on this thanks.
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I hate to even waste this system with the answer I am about to give, but it is the truth:

The visa will be processed when it is processed.

I have stopped trying to figure out how long it takes to process various applications and petitions as it just makes me look stupid.  

I wish you well.  I wouldn't have done it the way you did it, but that is just me.  You really have no choice now since you decided to do it yourself without an attorney.

Best of luck.

Well first of all I would have advised you not to get married to her, at least not legally, and then to have brought into the US as a fiance.  That is much faster.  Then when you both are in the US, you get married.  Also, much faster.

The problem is all the security checks.  It would be better to wait for them inside the US rather than outside.

But it is too late for that.  You already did it.  So it really doesn't matter.

Best of luck.

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