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dear sir!
  if i will marry somebody else here,an ame.citizen do they keep me here or they will deport me?i understand that i will file a new case.

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dear sir!
  i'm the sis in law of david who wrote u a letter yesterday.i and my fiance at that time was corresponding to each other for 2 when i came here  we got married right away.we filed the I-485 a month later.3 months later,he says to me that he didnt love me anymore and he wants his freedom,in other words divorce.he promised to me that he's willing to wait for the interview so i could get my first green card but a month later he says to me he changed his mind.he won't he already filed his divorce papers but i havn't.i'm staying here in my sis house.he's in hawaii.he says to me even if u will not sign the divorce papers rhia i will get my divorce anyway.sir,where do i go from here?do i have a chance to stay here?sir,if i will marry somebody else can the INS would keep me here,if that's so i will start my new paperwors all over again?i'm in bad situation sir.i will contact the INS attorney today.
 i would appreciate ur opinion or ideas.have a good day.
respectfully yours,

Answer -
You can not get your green card through this spouse if he will not go to interview and continues with the divorce. He can get a divorce without you agreeing. You can get a divorce and marry someone else and file a new case.



You need to get divorced and amrry someone else. Before they would deport you they would have to palce you in proceedings and telly ou go to an Immigration Judge. You might be able to save yourself if you are married to someone else and have evidence of both relationships. If they do not put you in proceedings then you would just go to a regualr interview with your new husband.



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