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The visa is 2 months into it 90 days. The sponsor now doesn't want to marry the woman. She does not want to go back and says she will just leave, hiding and undocumented. Sponsor doesn't care if she gets deported or what. He only wants to minimize the legal and financial ramifications sure to come, and be rid of her. What to do?

Generally I try to help people gain status not lose it. From Immigration's point of view, if the sponsor does not marry and file papers, there is no legal or financial consequences. For the fiancee, she will not be able to get her green card, but Immigration will not run out to arrest and deport her when the 90 days run. She will just become one of the undocumented until she finds a different way to get status, Immigration finds and deports her(which is not likely) or she spends the rest of her life here illegal.



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