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I am petitioning for my fiance to receive a K1 visa so we can get married. He is from England. We just want to marry, but he doesn't want to have US citizenship, as it would require him giving up citizenship in the UK.

We are marrying for the right reasons, but I want to cover my bases, and understand all possible roadblocks if they do occur.

What are the potential consequences I could face if I divorce him? How nice, and how nasty, can the whole thing become? Just a brief outline of such possibilities (best and worst case scenario) would be quite helpful

If this is not in your area of expertise, could you direct me to a more appropriate person/source?

Thanks for your time.

You face no consequences, if you divorce him. He faces all the consequences. If you get divorced before he gets a greeen card, he will not be able to get permanent residence. If you are married less than 2 years, when he gets his green card, he will get a 2 year conditional card and will have to file more papers right before the 2nd anniversary of the card. If you get divorced between when he gets the conditional card and the unconditional card, he can file on his own with all the marital evidence and probably keep his card. Once he has an unconditional card, neithe of you will suffer consequences of divorce.



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