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I am curently working on L1 Visa (in US) in an Indian based company. Another employer   have applied for H1 petition for me and the date of employment is OCT 2005. Do I need to work for my new employer from OCT 2005? i.e., Can I continue to work for my previous employer after OCT 2005 with out going for H1 stamping? Is it ok if i chose to work for my new employer from DEC 2005? I understand that once H1 is stamped, I can't work on L1 visa. Is getting my H1 petition itself will make my L1 invalid?

You can't have both...either you want to continue on your L1 or apply for a change of status to H1.

WHen you received your L1 it was for a specific company, no one else.  If you work for someone other, then you are in violation of your status and you become deportable.

You may try and change your L1 to an H1 at your local CIS office using fomr I-485.

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