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Hello sir,
I currently hold an L-1B visa with company A, and I am planning to change my job to company B. For this, I have applied for H1B Visa through company B, which will be approved soon. I know that I can start working with company B only after October 1st. So I want to know that
CAN I CONTINUE TO STAY IN THE US if my current employer revokes the L-1B visa during the time period from now till October 1st?
Also, what is the maximum time limit for which I can stay in US after L1B is revoked.


I hope you applied for your H-1 before May 26 when the quota ran out. If you do not want to stay at your L1 company until 10/1, under curent law you should return home, get an H-1 visa in your passport in September and come back to the U.S. then.



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