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1) I am currently on L1 visa in U.S and I do have a valid H1B which was valid from Oct2006 till 2009 but I am yet to work on H1B. My H1b was approved without status change and now, I am planning to shift from L1 to H1B.

1. How do I get my status changed from L1 to H1?

2. Can I do that without leaving the country and what are the forms that need to be filed for me and for my dependent wife?

3. How long will it usually takes for processing this kind of application?

3. Can I go for premiun processing for status change and get the clearance faster?

4. Can I consider going to Canada and get my visa stamped?

5. If my visa request for H1b gets rejected in Canada or in India, Can I still come back on L1 visa.

You can enter the US with only one visa and must comply with the terms of that specific visa.
If you have an approved I-129 H petition, you must go to a US consulate for stamping...your L1 will be cancelled at that time.  Your family is part of your approved petition.
Premium Service has been suspended as of November 28, 2006, so that is not available to you.

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