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Immigration Issues/L1 to L2 (while spouse L2-> L1).


I have question about changing visa from L2 to L1.
I have been working for company X in india for two year and seven months till may 2006. I resigned on May 2006.Now I am in the US on L2 as my sposue has L1. I applied for EAD as well and the Biometric is done and now waiting for the EAD card.
Now my old employer (Company X) is ready to give me a job in US office. Since the current location and job location is very faraway , I am planning to take my family with me to new place.
Here are my questions
1)Can I get an L1 for me and L2 for my spouse from Company X while am in the US without going to indian for visa stamping ?
2)Can I start work my old employer with L2+EAD in the US  and ask them file L1 and L2 for me and my spouse paralelly ?

3)Since my spouse is currently working in US on L1, can she continue the work till status change to L2 is approved ? or should she stop working as soon as change of status is filed ?
4)If we do not have to go to India for stamping, when would the new status stamped to our passport?

Can you please reply ?
Thanks in advance

Must have worked for the company (branch, parent, subsidiary, or affiliate) outside the U.S. for at least 1 continuous year within the preceding 3 years.  Blanket L-1 applicants are required to have worked for that company for six months.

You cannot have an EAD and L-1.  The EAD is based on your wife's L-1.  You can apply to adjust your status if you have approved application from your prospective employer.  

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