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My husband and I are currently living in the U.S. under L1 and L2 visas. In december 07 we will have had these for the maximum 7 years and thus will no longer be able to renew them.  We currently have a GC application in progress also.  

We are actually living seperately as we plan to divorce once the GC decision is known.  What happens if the GC application is not resolved by the time my L2 visa expires?. I understand that my husbands company will sponsor him to stay in the U.S under a different visa, but as we are to divorce I will no longer get a spouse visa through him. My company also does not sponsor overseas employees.  So I am figuring that if the GC application is not complete then come december I would have to leave the U.S.  is this correct?

Many Thanks.


What stage is your husband's green case at? When was the case filed with the Labor Deprtment? If the Labor Cert is approved and the priority date is current, the I-140 can be filed along with I-485 for him and you. Once I-485 is filed you and him can stay here.



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