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  1. I'm right now in the US on Blanket L1 visa through my employer A from India. I had another employer B in the US file for H1B and got that approved. Can I continue to work with employer A upto this year end(2006) and join my new employer B next year beginning?

  2. My spouse is right now on L2 and has EAD. Does her status automatically get converted to H4 or not?

  3. My spouse also had applied for a H1 through another employer C in the US. Since she is expecting a baby this year end, she would be on maternity leave and is planning to start working from February of next year, is that allowed?
  Thanks in advance for the response.

You cannot have two active visas, one or the other. And as far as your spouse, you need to file for the H4 or L2 for her to accompany you.  Keep in mind, you do not want to circumvent the US Immigration law by changing visas, which it appears you are doing in order to stay in the US.  As a non-immigrant, you are subjecting yourself to scrutiny which can have an adverse impact.

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