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Thank you for the information. I do intend to work there but if I say so, would it affect me getting my L2? If yes, what else could I say that could keep me safe?

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No, I am working in Bangalore. But I was just wondering if that could affect my L2. Could they ask me why I am leaving a good job? If yes, what should I be telling?
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My wife's company is sponsoring her L1 and an L2 for me. I am presently working for a different software company. Will this affect me in getting my L2 visa? What are the general reasons a L2 could get rejected?
In my case, what could be the possible L2 questions that could be asked?
Are you working in the US with the software company? Be a bit clearer on your circumstance.
You can accompany your spouse if you desire.  Working in another country has no bearing, it is what you intend to do when you reach the United States that you should be concerned with.  Just follow the terms of your L-2 status and you will have no problems.

If you intend to enter the United States as an L-2, your spouse MUST be able to prove she can support you.  YOU cannot work in the United States with an L-2 visa. If you are found working, you will automatically become deportable in addition, your spouse will lose her visa for non-compliance and will be ordered out of the country.

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