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I was transfered to the US 6 years ago on an L1 visa and subsequently married my wife and she obtained an L" and later an EAd allowing her to work here.  We have since seperated and will be persuing a legal sepaertion in due course.
We filed a green Card application jointly 3 years back and are still awaiting a decison. however I realy wish for her to not be on the application anymore and also for her to lose her L2 status. I realise this may sound harsh but I have my reasons.  anyway, with us filing for legal seperation i am assuming this would still grant her the L2 status as technically we would still be married?  

With regard to the green card, it is clear that you do not have to give her derivative residence. She needs you to be approved in order for her to get it but not the other way around.

With regard to the L-2 you could try to cancel her status by writing a letter detailing that you are separated and headed for divorce and that you want her status withdrawn.



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