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Immigration Issues/Marital status.....will it affect my petition


thank you very much for the immediate response. Correct me if im wrong because what i understand is that it's ok for me to get married before I leave. We're planning to get married right after I passed my interview and my medical exam. Will it be consider as a fraud that during the interview session i'll tell the interviewer that I'm single(which is true) but deep inside I have plans of getting married before I leave. Thanks again
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My I140 has been recently approved and as of the moment im waiting for my packet 4 which is schedule for interview and medical exam. my problem is that, me and my boyfriend who is also a nurse are planning to get married before i leave. I was petitioned as a single then possibly go to united states as married. would there be a problem in the future?!Or can I fix everything there with a help of immigration attorneys.....deportation might be an issue?! I really want to know please help.tnx
As long as you marry before you get approved for a green card, your boyfriend/husband can get a green card with you.



No - but if you get the visa before marrying, he can not get it with you and would then have to be petitioned by you separately which will take 5 years or more. If you marry before being approved, you can submit paperwork for him and get the visas together.



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