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I am currently on OPT now and which will expire on March. I planned to get marry with my boyfriend who is American citizen. One thing is that my boyfriend just filed to divorce with his ex wife in Sept 2006. We have to wait until the processis done.How long it usually take to get the process done? Is there any possible way to check his status to make sure he is single before we get marry? Is there any time limit for him to get another marriage after the divorce?Please let me know.

I also have another question. How long does it take to get my work visa after I get marry with my boyfriend in Las Vegas.What I need to do in order to get my work visa? I want to get my work vias ASAP after the marriage.Please let me know and thanks a lot. :)  

I do not handle divorce cases. Once the divorce is entered at the County Clerks office he can get married. After marrying he can immediately file for your green card and must supply them with proof of all prior divorces for you and him. You will then get a work card wtihin 3 months of filing.



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