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Many thanks for your quick response. My boyfriend lives in Texas, is there anywhere there that we can go to? Dallas is only a couple of hours away. I assume we can file the necessary paperwork for my residence in Dallas?
Is it okay for me to come over on a Visa Waiver without any problems?
Many thanks in advance for your help.
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My boyfriend is an American citizen and I am a British citizen. We were going to apply for a fiance visa but have found out that we are expecting a baby and want to get married sooner in the USA. We are planning on being in the USA for about a year and then moving to the UK. I currently live in the UK but want to come to the US at Christmas and stay. Can you please let me know the easiest/quickest and legal way for us to get married? Also, what do I need to apply for (i.e. greencard etc)after we're married to allow me to stay here legally?
Many thanks for your help.
You can go to City Hall in NYC or go to the Town Hall outside of NYC and get a marriage license and then get married. Then you have to file an I-130/I485 packet after marriage to apply for permanent residence.



Your papers get filed in Chicago and then you will be scheduled for interview at the nearest Immigration office to your house. Have your boyf4riend contact the Town Hall in his location to find out the proceedure for marraige licenses and certificates.



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