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I've lived in the US for over 25 years now. My parents became citizens when I was 19. In 2 months I will be married to a citizen. Does that make me a citizen? Or do I still have to apply for citizenship. I also have 2 children born in the Unite States
Answer -
No.  You must actively apply for US Citizen.

I heard that you CAN be after being married over 2 years. I already paid for the application and if I don't have to. That would save me a lot of trouble and money. Can you please be a little more specific next time. Or, link me to a page that can better explain my situation.  

You heard wrong. Citizenship is NOT bestowed upon ANYONE unless you are born in the United States.  You MUST be a permanent resident first then you can apply for US Citizenship.  Ideally, your parents should have petitioned for you when you were a child.

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