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I married a Canadian citizen in Canada in Oct. 2007. She has 2 minor children. We are in the process of preparing the i-130 forms for all of them and will follow up with the 129-f as soon as we receive the receipts. Naturally we would like for her and her children to be able to come to Virginia the quickest possible way without jeopardizing their ability to stay here permanently. She owns a home in Canada that she will put on the market to sell once we have a general timeline.

Once we file the 129-f can she come to Virginia and return to Canada to the consulate to get her K-3? What is the best way to proceed? We want to be together and would be willing to fly back and forth if necessary.

Thank you for you help.

She can try but if she is questioned at the border or the airport about her intentions and she tells them about you and/or the pending K-3 and I-130 they will probably not let her in. It might be be most off the radar screen if she drvies across the border with her proof of Canadaian citizenship. If there are no hassles she can stay 6 months at a time which will cover her until her K-3 is processed.



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