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I've been in the US for almost 9 yrs.. entered as a tourist and never left the country. I am now married to a US citizen (last Jan 2006) and we've been seeing each other since 2001.. we filed the 485 and 130 and we have our interview scheduled in 4 weeks.. are they going to deny me for a permanent status since i ve ben in the US with a tourist visa that has expired?
what proof do i need to bring that the marriage is legal and that me and my husband loves each other
what type of questions will they ask me and my husband? are we going to be in just one room? or 2?
Thanks for all your help

AS long as you have a valid marriage, you will likely be able to adjust your status, even though you are deportable.

As far as questions, there will be a number of them.  As long as you have a valid marriage, there shouldn't be a problem answering them.  yes, you will be seperated during questioning.  There is a reason for this as marriage fraud is on the rise and the penalties quite severe.

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