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Do you think that the law  will change within the year and If he were to get detained what chances are that he will be deported being as we are married? Thank You.
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Hi. My husband entered illegally from Guatemala. We have not filed any papers because we dont know what to do. Does he have to go back for 10 years? I am pregnant with our first child and we are taking care of my sick mother who is blind, an amputee and on dialsys, he is the sole provider in our family. Is there any chance that we can get him legal without him having to leave the U.S. and Is there a lawyer that you can recommend with this kind of case? Thank You.
His choices are either to stay here illegally until the law changes or process his case in his country. He could stay here until his petition is processed and he is given an interview date in Guatemala. Then he would go home and be interviewed and apply for the waiver of the 10 year bar. This will take 6-12 months to adjudicate. If they approve, which they should given your circumstances, he can get the visa and come back. If they deny he will be stuck for 10 years. If you are willing to take that risk, I could represent you for the case. You can call my office 516 487 0500.



I can not predict if or when the law will come back. If she gets put in Removal proceedings, she will be given the opportunity to leave within 4 months voluntarily or be deported since she is not eligible for relief at the moment.



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