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I filed I-130 for my son. I received an approval notice in which USCIS told me to contact NVC in 90 days. After more than 90 days, I communicated with NVC. They told me to contact USCIS. I communicated with USCIS. They told me that they had sent my file to NVC and that I had to contact NVC. According to them, if NVC does not have my file, I will have to file I-824 of which the fee is US $200.00.

I do not know why I have to file I-824 when the mistake is committed by either USCIS or NVC. What I should do now?

Thank you very much.

Is your son abroad? I do not beleive an I-824 is warranted - that form is not used to get USCIS or NVC to find a file. If NVC does not have an NVC file number in their system they will not be of much assistance for you and I would keep asking USCIS to check for the file and/or proof of when they sent the file.



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