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Is there any way to move to USA for good? We're Czech family, not rich,not students nor any experts THANK YOU.
Is there any other possibility to procure US citizenship apart from Visa Lottery? We are 35 years of age with 16 years old daughter. We lived in USA in between years 1999 - 2003, made many closed friends then we were deported at our own expense. We aren't able to make any investment, we don't have any special profession, but we are honest, healthy and hard-working people. We have a weakness for Americans and for US wildreness. There is only one place like that in the world.  

having been deported from the US, you must file an I-212 Application for Permission to Reapply for Admission After Deportation or Removal, to even start the process of returning to the US for a visit...the earliest you can file is 5 years from the date of deportation.  Then it depends on why you were deported in the first place.

To immigrate, you must have an someone who can petition for you such as immediate relative or employment related petition.

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