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I am a US citizen originally from Russia. I want my parents to come to US without much paperwork whenever they want.  They don't want to leave here actually they gave up their refugee status and went back.  Would it be difficult for them to receive a multiple-entry visitors visa? What is the longest period they can receive it for and how long can they stay here for? Can I still petition for them to receive a green card later if they do decide to leave here (e.g. in 5-10 years)?

They can apply for a tourist visa at the nearest U.S. Embassy. They must show proof of their intention to go back after their temporary stays here and proof of support from you. If they do not get tourist visas, you can sponsor them for a green card which will take about a year and they can come here once a year and be able to keep their status. They could even get a reentry permit after they get their green card which would allow them to stay for 2 years.



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