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I have been in the US since 1991, married in 2002 to an US citizen and got my status adjusted. Before this I was out of status from 93. I recently applied for US citizenship and found out the hard way - what not to do. I marked “yes” on have you every claimed to be a us citizen. I think my application will get denied. However I am not sure if I also will get a deportation letter along with it. An attorney has advised me if they are able to find any work application still on file at my ex employers, it will give them grounds to deport me. I did not vote or register to vote.

I would like to know if there is any relief or waver available? I have a 2 yr old and my wife is scared of what would happen. The interviewer was only interested in find out more details about when and were, I told them I did not remember since it was a very long time ago.

If I do get deported, will I every be able to unite with my family here ? Can you please explain if I may have a way out of this mess. I have not received any letters from them yet.

My wife and I am worried sick about this. I am not sure if they look at the family makeup to decide what to do if they find anything that may make me inadmissible?

Too Honest!

Too is that?  Were you honest when you filled out your job applications?

If you claimed to be a US Citizen and were not, you are banned for life from ever getting US Citizenship.  However, unless criminal charges are brought against you for lying about US Citizenship - 18 USC 911, you will not be removed from the US if you are a permanent resident.
And as far as being "too honest"...keep in mind, had you made it to being a Naturalized US Citizen, and it came out later that you had previously lied about being a US Citizen on legal documents, you would be stripped of your citizenship status and removed.

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