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On my N-400 application I have not disclosed my traffic tickets. Since 1995 I have received 9 speeding tickets (none more than 15mph over and none for reckless driving.), all paid. In 1995 I received a DWI which was treated as a misdemeanor and all cleared. I am a regional sales manager and spend alot of time in the car thus the many tickets.
Will this have an effect on my application and do I need to disclose the tickets? I am afraid that my application will be denied based on moral turpitude because I have shown a disregard for local traffic laws. I appreciate your repsonse.

You must disclose all tickets - speeding tickets will not affect you. You need to provide a certificate of disposition for the DWI. Since it is outside the 5 year period for required good moral character it is not likely to effect you.



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