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Thank you for responding. I do have a copy of my birth certificate, however my mom lost both my original passport and the greencard. Currently I have no information on the greeancard, the only thing I have is my United States passport with my first and middle name in it. Once again I thank you for your help.

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I rec'd my greencard when I was 6 year old through my mother who was a US Permanent Resident at the time. When the US embassy issued the my greendcard it did not have my surname on it, just my first and middle name. My mom never corrected the problem infact she went ahead and applied for US citizenship using the same name on the greencard. Now I am trying to get my NJ driver's license and this is proving to be  difficulty because DMV will not issue me a license because the information they got from my high school has my last name while my US passport doesn't. Adding insult to injury, my mom lost the original Jamaican passport that had the greencard stamped in it. Is there some way I can get my last name added to my US passport? I am 16 years old and had no control over this event. Thank you very much.

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Can you get your hands on your birth certificate with the correct name? If you can, you can file an I-90 to change your name on your green card and then use that to change your name on your passport.



I suggest filing a Freedom of Information Act request on form G-639. This will take several months but they will give you copies of your file. Then you can get your A# and then you can file an I-90 to correct the name on the green card and then you can correct the passport.

Otherwise the only you can do is do a formal name change and when you get the Court Order you can file for the passport in the correct name.



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