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Immigration Issues/Name change - K3 filing abroad?


Thank you - but I am under the impression that the name on your passport must match the name you file paperwork under at a foreign embassy?  Additionally, the name on your passport must match your airline ticket.  Will I be allowed to "use" my married name (yes I plan to change it regardless) on the visa paperwork in Copenhagen, but leave my passport uncorrected until my return home so that I can travel under my maiden name?


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I am an American female marrying a Dane, we plan to marry in Denmark and then file the necessary paperwork with the US Embassy there to obtain a K3 visa so he can join me in the States asap.  How much does my new married name complicate the process?  Will I have to apply for a name change and new passport from within Denmark, and then wait for that before filing the documents?  There is a note on the embassy website that they no longer do endorsements for marriage-related name changes and a new passport (up to 2 weeks) is required, but I am wondering if I can just "use" my married name on the documents and then go through the process of actually changing my name when I return to the states? (immediately after the wedding).  
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Answer -
There is no requirement that you use his last name. Your current passport supplemented by your marriage certificate, gives you authority to use either last name. In  the States you do not need a formal name change to be able to use your married name.



To make things smoother, wouldnt it make sense to put the paperwork in your maiden name and change things after you get here? The case will not be approved or denied based on what name is on the paperwork. Once you are here you can change all legal docs to your married name.

Here they do not make a big deal of it - For example, women who apply in a different name from their passport just bring their marriage certificate to the fingerprint appt and everything goes smoothly.



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