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Thanks very much for your prompt response. I am not sure of your location but I am in Texas. If my case is not decided within the mandatory 120 days and I am forced to request a hearing in District Courts, will it be possible for me to request your expertise as my attorney? Also, can you please give me a rough idea of the costs involved. Thanks again.

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We were interviewed for citizenship on May 19, 2006. We passed the test but our name check is pending. The letter says, if our cases are not decided within 120 days, we can request hearing in a district court. My questions are: 1. Is there any way to expedite this process? ; 2. Does hearing in Dist Ct help? 3. Do I need an attorney to request this hearing, if needed. Thanks very much!

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No way to expedite - Immigration is waiting for response from another governmental agency and will not approve until they get a response. I do not recommend filing a case in Federal Court without a lawyer. It is not cheap or easy, but will lead to Immigration making a decision - however a mandamus action should not be filed until 120 days have gone by.



In order for me to represent you I would have to make an application to the Court to be allowed to practice there for your case. I am admitted in NY but would have to ask the Court in TX permission. It may be expensive also because the Court may require my personal appearance as opposed to a speakerphone hearing.

I would ask for a retainer of $5000 to be bille doff at the rate of $250 an hour. If it does not require 20 hours of work I would make a refund. If it requires more, I would ask for more but $5000 is good estimate.



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