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Hi Robert

I have a question about the naturalisation application. I had an arrest which was dismissed in my favor in court so there was no conviction and the records were sealed. I was told in the court that the arrest is nullified and I can legally say I was never arrested. I did the same in the N400 application and did not mention the arrest. I was told latter by an attorney that I was supposed to detail the arrest even though there was no conviction. I did an FBI rap sheet check and a good conduct check and my record shows clean. My question is should I append the application somehow or since all fbi records show clean leave it the way it is. Iam not sure what other databases INS looks into apart from FBI. Any help will be appreticated



You must admit the arrest and bring a disposition to the interview. As soon as you get in the interview room, tell the officer you would like to amend an answer on your application. Do this at the beginning so that he does not ask you first and think you are trying to hide something.



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