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I am helping a relative complete a naturalization application.  
I have three questions:
(1)   Every page in the application must include the applicant's ‘INS “A” number'?  What is the ‘INS “A” number'?  Does this refer to the Residence Card Number?
(2)   The person I am helping is a widower.  His wife died about 5 yrs ago.  The application includes a category on Marital History-specifically, Part 8.  Questions refer to the spouse in present tense.  Should we provide the information (e.g. SSN, Permanent Residence Card Number…Address?) that is requested even though she is deceased or should we leave it blank?  There is no option for widower.
(3)   The application requires three colored photographs; however, it does not specify the size of the pictures.  Is there a standard picture size for this type of application or will any size be acceptable?

Thank you,

passport size and style photos; A# is the number in green card that starts with "A" and is followed by 8 numbers; Application asked how many times married and then has a place for current and past marriages. Leave current blank fill in info for widower in prior marriage section.



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