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Hello ..

My situation is... I filed for N 400 in may 2002 and i was interviewed in July 2003. and my application was on married to USC 3 year base.
My interview went well, i passed and My name check was cleared before interview. after 10 months of interview i recievrf a letter from uscis asking me to send more proofs. like insurance and tax info.
I had also filed my tax returns on interview. But the situation was different when i recieved that letter, because me and my wife were not living together at that point.( i wonder why it took them 10 months just to ask more proofs)
so i didnt send proofs to uscis. i sent them letter to widhraw my case since i was not living with my spouce.

Now in may 2004 i completed my 5 year period, and i applied on 5 year base, and now i live in texas. I am just concerned because since i had to withdraw previous application will it effect my current application, or any advice u can offer please.what are my chances of getting in trouble because of that?

Thank you very Much.

You new application will be fine. By withdrawing your last application, you did exactly what you were required to do. It would have been against the law for you to try and continue with that case when you were no longer living together at the time more documents were requested.


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