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Hi Mr Robert
My name is Henry and I am from Africa precisely from The Republic Democratic of
I came here in United State about 10 years ego as a student then I was able to
change my status from F1 student to a Asylum status because of some trouble back
Home where I couldn't go back and my familly was displace. Now I just graduated
from college and planning to go to graduate school and work at the same time but
I want to apply for citizenship. I was wondering if I have to wait the 5 years
residency requirement before proceeding with the citizenship application. I just
got my GC last year.

My second Question is that I have my 2 brothers who are outside the US and whom
I would like to fill a family reunification form to sponsor them but It state
that for a family member should be your Own children or a parents. Is there any
other way I can do to help my young brother and sister to joint me?
I will really appreciate your suggestions

Thank you

You must wait 4 years and 9 months to apply for citizenship. You can not sponsor your borther or sister until you are a citizena nd then it will take about 15 years to get them here with green cards. There is nothing that prevents them from filing for tourist visas. You can be the financial sponsor for that. They must show that someone will support them financially and that they intend to go home after their short visit.



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