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LAST question, please.... I'm thinking of taking along with me ALL the documents that qualify me to become a US citizen based on my marriage to an American citizen. There is no mention in these qualifications for a passport requirement. Do you think it will do me any good to raise this issue during the interview if the officer declines my application because I don't have a passport ? Many thanks for your help.
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Thanks for your answer. Well, when I first applied for citizenship they gave me a book along with a CD. I guess if I study those I should be ok ?
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Hello- I've lived in this country for almost 25 years now - never been outside not even once. I applied for naturalization and already passed the FBI stage.  As a matter of fact, I will be interviewed next month for my citizenship. I noticed on the letter INS sent me that they want me to bring to the interview any travel documents I have, like my passport. Well, I have not had a passport for over 20 years because I lost it, and I know it will be a big hassel getting one now. All I have now is my Green Card. How will not having a passport reflect on my chances during the interviw ? Thank you very much for your answer.
You need to explain your situation to the officer, and inform him that you have not left the US in the last 25 years.

Take your original birth certificate and identity documents to prove your current citizenship.

The officer will test you on the english and civics requirements and will either approve your application or may require you to submit copies of your passport.

Do not forget to go through the civics questions and answers.

best of luck!

Yes. That should be good enough. Double check the questions at They have made some changes to the format.

Your application will not be denied, they will give you time to provide them with a passport. (If they need it!) It depends on the individual officer interviewing you. Most probably they will approve your application without you providing them a passport.  

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